Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Happened To Cody?

Poor Cody is looking for a forever home again. After a difficult deliberation, Cody's new family decided that they were not able to see him thru the recovery he will be facing. Cody is a great companion for the family's toddler but the toddler couldn't understand why Cody couldn't play.

Its hard to loss your home but Cody's in a new foster home now. While changing homes again is hard on dogs, Cody is such a friendly outgoing guy so we are hopeful he'll make this adjustment in stride.

Meanwhile, we continue our efforts to raise funds to pay for Cody's surgery.

We hope to hold a raffle soon - if you have an item or service to donate for the raffle, please contact me at

We also hope to hold a yard sale soon. If you can help staff the yard sale (to be held on a Sat), please let me know.

And please consider making a contribution on Cody's ChipIn page. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cody Needs Your Help

Cody needs expensive surgery to fix his broken leg. Please help by donating - any amount no matter how small will help.

Cody is so adorable and has such a great personality. It didn't take him long to find a home. Cody is now living in a great home where he is so loved.

Cody's new family noticed that Cody was getting up slowly and limped his first few steps. As Cody got more exercise, Cody began to limp more. Concerned, Cody's "mom" had her vet examine him and they discovered that Cody's rear leg was broken. The vet believes that the break has been there for some time and that Cody probably had been hit by a car.

Now Cody will need very expensive surgery to repair his leg. Cody's a young dog and deserves to have a happy, active life.

Can you help Cody? Please consider making a contribution to help Cody run again!

Cody is a lively Keeshond mix who was rescued by Homeward Trails Animal Rescue from a high kill shelter in rural VA, went to live in a foster home before finding his forever home where he is truly loved.

Thursday, September 17, 2009



when: 9/19, 12pm – 2pm
where: Wylie Wagg, 7505 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cody Takes No Time At All To Settle Into His Foster Home

We have had Cody (formerly Alex) since this past Saturday. I was worried at first with his reaction to other dogs, but he seems to be great with the ones in the neighborhood. When we go on walks, he seems to ignore the barking coming from the yards. We even went up to the fence and met the neighbor’s dogs – fence to fence.

Because Cody is an established dog, he is very well behaved in the house. I was pleasantly surprised that he knows how to sit, lie down, and shake. He also knows how to beg by continually trying to shake until you relentlessly give him a treat. And yes, he is constantly turning over for those belly rubs.

Cody has done great at being left at home alone. He is not a chewer, at least no chewed up power cords yet!!! He pays no heed to the millions of chew toys that I have from my past two fosters. He also seems to steer clear of raw hides, as well. I haven’t seen him get up on the couch, but give him the chance and I believe that he will sleep with you at night. Speaking of which, he is a great protector at night, making sure that everyone is settled in before he goes to bed. He continually walks between my room, Kate’s room, and the hallway to look outside.

Cody has an interesting voice that he uses when he is excited or protective. When people come to the door, he lets you know that he is there to protect, but when you go in, he is a sweetie. If you’re in the house and not giving him the greeting that he wants, he says, “Look at me.” Give him some praise and he calms down.

And finally, yes Cody does know his name. He was responding straight from day one. I wonder if this was his name before?!?!?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cody's Mug Shots

These are Cody's mug shots - ie, they were taken when Cody was picked up off the streets of King William, VA and hauled to the local shelter. No one would mistake the food for haute cuisine but it was better than the grub Cody would savage on the outside. The sleeping arrangments were far from sublime but at least it was dry and warm.
Yes, Cody was in on death row - his offense was minor - vagancy - but that's all it takes when you're a pooch on these mean streets. Lucky for Cody, unbeknownst to him a plot to spring him was being planned. Last tues it was put into action and before he could say dog biscuit Cody was in a car on his way up to Northern VA and to a new temporary home.

Cody is now living in Northern VA in a foster home with Rachel and Kate and two kittens (Hide and Seek). Cody is now enjoying good food and a nice comfy bed.

Vital stats on Cody: he is a very cute and friendly keeshond mix. He is 40 lbs and 3 yrs old. He seems to be housetrained and crate trained and walks pretty well on the leash. Cody is a smart, friendly dog who loves to be around people. At the drop of a hat, he'll roll over for belly rubs. Cody would like nothing better than to become part of a family.

Cody is looking for a fresh start in his very own forever home. To learn more about how you can adopt Cody, go to his petfinder page.

Come back soon to see new photos of Cody and to learn more about his adventure in his foster home.