Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cody Takes No Time At All To Settle Into His Foster Home

We have had Cody (formerly Alex) since this past Saturday. I was worried at first with his reaction to other dogs, but he seems to be great with the ones in the neighborhood. When we go on walks, he seems to ignore the barking coming from the yards. We even went up to the fence and met the neighbor’s dogs – fence to fence.

Because Cody is an established dog, he is very well behaved in the house. I was pleasantly surprised that he knows how to sit, lie down, and shake. He also knows how to beg by continually trying to shake until you relentlessly give him a treat. And yes, he is constantly turning over for those belly rubs.

Cody has done great at being left at home alone. He is not a chewer, at least no chewed up power cords yet!!! He pays no heed to the millions of chew toys that I have from my past two fosters. He also seems to steer clear of raw hides, as well. I haven’t seen him get up on the couch, but give him the chance and I believe that he will sleep with you at night. Speaking of which, he is a great protector at night, making sure that everyone is settled in before he goes to bed. He continually walks between my room, Kate’s room, and the hallway to look outside.

Cody has an interesting voice that he uses when he is excited or protective. When people come to the door, he lets you know that he is there to protect, but when you go in, he is a sweetie. If you’re in the house and not giving him the greeting that he wants, he says, “Look at me.” Give him some praise and he calms down.

And finally, yes Cody does know his name. He was responding straight from day one. I wonder if this was his name before?!?!?

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